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boat rescue training

Boat Rescue Training

Our Boat Rescue Training course gives maritime, law enforcement, and emergency responders a learning framework in order to become more proficient with skills necessary to operate in the maritime environment and conduct search and rescue operations.

rope rescue teraining

Rope Rescue Training

Rope rescue training offers the appropriate level of courses in your operational environment, dealing with the challenges that emergency responders face on a daily basis. We offer rope rescue courses in both urban and wilderness environments, confined space training, and rope access courses for the full range of industrial and wind turbine settings.

water rescue training

Water Rescue Training

Designed to prepare emergency response personnel to perform rescue operations in fast moving water emergencies. Our trainings include pre-planning, personal protective equipment, search parameters, incident action plans, swiftwater rescue techniques, advanced rope systems in the aquatic environment, and use of watercraft and helicopters in water rescue operations.

On Site Rescue is very professional, utilize top of the line equipment and make training fun and challenging. We have used other trainers in the past and they were not even close.

What Sets Us Apart

At OSR we value your time and know how precious it is to you. Allow us to be your guide through the process of becoming the confident rescuer you strive to be for your community, your department, and your family while minimizing the time spent away from all of them. 

Heroes aren’t born, they’re trained!

water rescue training team on the columbia river

Our Courses

On Site Rescue has training courses in Flood, Swiftwater, Boat, Ice, Technical Rope, and Confined Space. Whether you're in the Emergency Services, Industrial and Government, or Outdoor Adventure industry, we have something to meet your training needs.

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